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CASINOMONEY Advancing Cash to the Gaming floor - Casino ATMs
CASINOMONEY utilizes 3-of-a-Kind Cash Advance ATMs, innovative AUTOMONEY ADVANCE cage software, and reliable processing methodologies to advance cash - within seconds - to the gaming floor.

Financial institutions limit the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from an ATM account within a 24-hour time period. When a customer exceeds their daily cash withdrawal limit, a "typical" ATM will decline the cash withdrawal. The CASINOMONEY 3-of-a-Kind Cash Advance ATM authorizes these higher cash withdrawal requests through a point of sale debit cash withdrawal or a credit card cash advance transaction.

A credit card cash advance is an instant cash flow remedy for the gaming customer who needs immediate access to money. With the CASINOMONEY CASH ADVANCE PROGRAM, patrons can borrow against their permitted credit card limit - without the use of a pin number - to obtain cash.

With valid government issued identification, an available line of credit, and an authentic signature, gaming patrons can receive thousands of dollars in cash for immediate withdrawal. With AUTOMONEY ADVANCE, players quickly return to the gaming floor with cash to place their next bet.