Cash Automation + Electronic Payments... Anywhere.

Our full-service applications deliver ATMs, kiosks, cash advance, check cashing, cashless payments and armored cash-in-transit. . . anywhere. Our services include:

  • No cost placements
  • Mobile ATM rentals
  • Sales and leasing
  • Redemption Kiosks
  • Gaming cash access
  • Cashless events
  • Kiosk design
  • 24 Hour Help Desk
  • Brand Design
  • Software Design
  • Data processing
  • Installations
  • Armored transport
  • Maintenance
  • Technical Support
  • Monitoring
  • Fleet management
  • Outsourcing
  • Administration
  • Customer Service

MOBILE MONEY was built on the principles of “Client First” and providing exceptional “Customer Service”. Cash, payments, and reliable transport are the fundamental needs of any business; and we deliver. For over 20 years, we have provided reliable cash access and payment solutions to businesses throughout the United States..

We service our Clients through hard work, personal service, integrity, and follow-though. We innovate with reliability and speed to make electronic transaction happen. Our growth is a result of supporting our Clients and helping them succeed.

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Larry Dunnwald, CEO

Transaction Processing
Fast, Reliable, and

Our comprehensive ATM and merchant processing programs provide reliable processing for ATM agents, retail stores, hotels, casinos, financial institutions and special events.

Our experience and high-profile references demonstrate our commitment to these specialized niche markets.

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Installation Experts

Our technicians are passionate about our success and thrive on getting things done right the first time.

Time is money, and our installation team will perform detailed logistics and on-time deliveries so that your customer’s have immediate access to cash.

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Local Technicians

Our support teams provide hardware maintenance, technical support, and onsite repair. By combining all services under our roof, we eliminate the headaches associated with third-party contractors. If service is needed, we solve problem immediately.

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Armored Transport

We deploy armored vehicles in a nationwide fleet that securely transports cash throughout the United States. This complex cash-in-transit operation provides cash forecasting and reconciliation systems that accurately manage all aspects of the cash handling process.

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Vault Cash Line of Credit

Need Cash? We got it.
We provide ATM vault cash lines of credit, , insurance, armored transport, hardware maintenance, and real-time monitoring to independent ATM operators and retailers who want to free up their cash and focus on expanding their business.

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24 Hour Help Desk Support

Human connections -- back and forth live communication-- follow through. Our support team answers the phone, listens, understands the issues involved, recommends viable solutions, and takes action.

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Our administrative teams are the backbone of the organization. We maintain stability through financial planning, proven logistics, record keeping, billing, and timely commission payments.

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Real-time Data

Our online access and login page gives you all the information you need to analyze our ATMs, cash advance, and check cashing services.

Our reporting tools are both accurate and aligned with our business goals. We measure our ATM, cash advance, check cashing and point-of-sale data to make better decisions and seek new ways to improve.

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Explore Our Services


#1 Mobile ATM Provider in the US

We provide full-service outdoor ATM placements. From the initial setup, we handle every aspect of delivering cash to special events... Nationwide.

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Stay In The Game

We combine ticket redemption, ATM, cash advance, POS, and check cashing into a self-service kiosk to enhance the gaming experience.

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Cashless Point of Sale

We improve the customer experience with RFID payments. Our electronic point of sale services are convenient and controlled.

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